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When it comes to allocating capital, raising funds, hedging risks, or merely performing the day-to-day tasks of a CFO or treasurer, finance professionals have never had access to such a diverse and extensive range of solutions, making it sometimes difficult to have a global vision and navigate through the variety of options available to them.

I have created Galite Partners in order to offer our clients trusted, independent and expert insight with an open-minded mindset. My ambition is nothing short of bringing together the dedication and the entrepreneurial spirit of a “boutique” with the technical background of outstanding finance professionals with tremendous career achievements.

My partners and I are first and foremost specialists in financial markets and risk management, as well as experts in financial analysis. Our technical background and our experience with the most sophisticated products allow us to consider an extremely wide range of services. However, Galite Partners is above all committed to offering innovative solutions answering the specific needs of our clients, in order to optimise the risk to return ratio. Galite Partners is set to become the partner of choice for its clients by establishing a long-term relationship based on mutual trust.


Selim Mehrez, President & founder







How we do it

An independent and tailor-made expertise

Galite Partners is firmly positioned as a high-end advisory team, targeting the select clientele of major players, including institutional investors, sovereigns, wealth funds, multilateral financial institutions, companies, and family offices.

We are committed to building a long-term relationship of trust by offering our clients independent and transparent support on all their financial issues. A thorough diagnosis is carried out at the beginning of each project in order to understand the needs and identify the most relevant solutions for each client. Galite Partners also takes charge of the execution and reporting phases.

Why Galite Partners?

With a focus on creating a long-term relationship based on mutual trust, Galite Partners aims to deliver customized senior advice. We ensure total transparency throughout the support of our clients.

Genuine advice

We are independent, transparent and client focused

Technical expertise

We have a great specialized expertise in a wide range of financial products and services


We have deep knowledge of markets and institutions from the inside.


We offer pragmatic and bespoke solutions considering the specificity of each situation

Hollistic approach

Whatever the problem, we have a solution


We have privileged access to all market players


Our team’s impeccable ethics are recognized in the market


The team benefits from the diverse and complementary professional backgrounds of its founding partners, who all bring renowned expertise in their respective fields. Together, we offer our clients a complete all-inclusive vision, addressing all their needs with a wide range of bespoke solutions.

Advisory board

To support its development, Galite Partners has surrounded itself with 5 seasoned professionals from the financial and institutional sectors, who have been brought together in an advisory committee. They will bring their visions, expertise and networks and will support Galite Partners’ management in the implementation of its strategic orientations.

What we do

We bring decades of experience in ECM, DCM, asset management, structured products, and corporate finance to meet all clients’ requirements across three business lines.

Investment strategies

Investment strategies
We have cutting-edge experience in all asset classes and products, ranging from “plain vanilla” instruments to the most sophisticated products, which enables us to meet all requests with genuine bespoke solutions. We strive to deliver value and optimise risk-return ratios over the long-term.

Funding solutions

Funding solutions
We have extensive experience of Debt Capital Markets and a deep understanding of all public and private financing solutions, including syndicated loans, bond issues or private debt. We help our clients secure funding with the right balance with respect to price, risk, and maturity.

Corporate finance

Corporate finance
We advise corporates and guide their top management through all their strategic decisions and financial issues. During our past experience in investment banking and Big Four Audit firms, we have built an extended background in Corporate Finance core pillars such as M&A, Accounting, Treasury, Financial Engineering, and Organisation with a particular focus on complex and/or regulated environments, including US GAAP and IFRS.
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